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  • A Medical Tool Made For Professionals by Professionals

    A Medical Tool Made For Professionals by Professionals

Interpretive Diagnostic Laboratory Tests Made Easy for Medical Professionals by Medical Professionals


MD ezLabs is a collaborative effort to give medical professionals lab values in a quick, easy to understand format and differential diagnosis for abnormal lab values. It provides medical professionals with quick and and accurate information.

Information contained in this app such will help trained professionals in reaching a working clinical diagnosis.

The information contained in the Medical App is created for use solely by trained medical professionals for the purpose of helping to list possible differential diagnosis. Information contained in this App is not intended to make a medical diagnosis or define treatment. The information contained in this App was compiled from a variety of sources and people. MDezLabs, removes itself from all liability, related to the content, and the use of material contained in the application.


  • Lab values in a quick easy to understand format
  • Differential diagnosis for abnormal lab values.


This is a Free App that gives Medical Professionals a Fast and Easy way to look up lab results.

We would love to hear from you. Please tell us any praise or problems you have with the app.

This is a WIKI type project and we would love to have your input. Your research will be credited to you on the Website and App.

We are working on Version 3.0 right now and would love your ideas.